Writing: The Earthquakes Within

Kupes-Sail-tectonic-upliftMother Earth and her inhabitants have suffered 3 intense and life-changing earthquakes during the past week – 2 in Japan and 1 in Ecuador. At a time when so many of us are feeling the pressure building within ourselves between the past and the future, as if they too are colliding like plate tectonics, cracking us open to reveal what’s been hiding beneath the surface. What’s old becomes new to the naked eye/I, offering up a new perspective—not necessarily comfortable at the onset. Devastating at worst, cleansing at best. Hopefully driving us toward a larger appreciation for the lives we have and each other.

For months, we’ve had our Sun throwing solar flares at our little blue-green planet. Just last month, in March, we were part of a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse, the Spring Equinox, and 2 fly-by comets. Whether any of us realized the impact of those motions of nature or not, we probably read about these events in the news—thanks to those folks who took the time to write about them for us.

This month we have 3 planets—Mars, Pluto, and Mercury— packing up their electromagnet energies and radioactive emanations and heading on vacation, leaving us to figure it out on our own until they get back to town. You probably won’t read about this in the daily news report, but if you do a search on the www you’ll find there are people writing about these events also, albeit mostly behind the scenes.

We take for granted that the Earth is going to keep spinning and rolling around our solar star as it either warms us or doesn’t, depending on the season and how near or far we sit in relation to the equator. We pay little heed however to the science of what effects our neighboring planets actually have on us when they’re close by and therefore don’t realize how notable their absence can be. We’re just not making the connections.

Scientists make their connections by writing out their theories, taking copious notes during their experiments, and thoroughly documenting their findings in their conclusions—they write. Astronomers and astrologers have done this kind of documenting for eons, once upon a time even working together in many parts of the world—they write. Our “weather man” (or woman, as the case may be) can tell you what the record temperature or rainfall or snowfall, etc, is for any given day because they’ve kept a written record throughout the years—they write. How about us?

How are we muddling through daily life so far? Too busy to write about our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings? Too busy to take the time to write or too busy to notice the impressions we’re all taking in? Too busy to look back in time to see where cracks and fissures have formed in our emotional well-being? Too busy to look inside to see our own shifting inner plates? Too busy to mend the rifts in our personal lives? Could it be that it’s time to pull ourselves together, so to speak, and maybe even write about it that doing so might give us a reference point to work with going forward into the future?

I just finished writing a Memoir—just a sprint in time—and it took me for a real ride beneath my outer layers into the depths of my own inner earth. I found many “me’s” I had once been but am no more. I found new resolve in digging through the rubble of by-gone days. A lot like going through Grandma’s attic—you know the Christmas decorations and her old wedding dress are up there, but then you stumble upon the ancient train set you and your siblings and cousins used to play with as kids and had completely forgotten about. Suddenly you’re transported to the day one of them had to be rushed to the doctor for stitches, your first awareness that skinned knees are not the worst things that can happen. Then, under a pile of dusty boxes you unearth a small jewelry box you think might have some old jewelry in it, but instead you find every card and letter you ever wrote to her. You suddenly realize how much you meant to her and it feels so good and yet sad at the same time because she’s gone now so you can’t tell her how much she meant to you too. Then you realize that you did tell her by writing those cards and letters in the first place and you realize how important writing has been since cave people started chalking and chiseling on their cave walls and stone tablets.

I urge you to take this opportunity this year to do some writing whether it’s a letter to your Grandmother, an article for your local paper or magazine, a book of one sort or the other, or just some meaningful greeting cards to let your outer world know how your inner world is feeling. And, if you’re of a scientific mind, keep a journal going. There could be a lot more shifting and quaking before things settle into place between the inner and outer layers of all of us and the planet we take for granted. As we rumble into the future, let’s make more connections, and write, write, write …

What’s next? Look for my future blog post – “Writer’s Block? There’s no place like OM; there’s no place like OM; there’s no place like OM.”

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© Jennifer Sweete, April 2016

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4 thoughts on “Writing: The Earthquakes Within

  1. Paul Funtash

    Well said. Brought back many fond memories of you and your family. Fond memories indeed, thank you for allowing Mary and I to be a part of the family.

  2. Kathy

    This was really helpful. Feeling the shaky all over. Good to be prepared and aware for this season so we can make it safely to the other side.

    1. Admin Post author

      You are a joy to know and share the universe with, Ms. Kathy! If everyone put their heart into their inner work like you do, what an amazing leap of consciousness this world would see! Love you always and everywhere!


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