What Do Black Holes Have in Common with Writing?

SweeteSunflowerWhether we’re writing a novel or a page in a journal, we start with the first dot of ink on the page (or cursor in the word doc) and let the creativity suck us into its swirl, spreading us out across the pages.

Black Holes get a bad rap, in my opinion. They do the same thing, right? They suck stuff in and stretch it out in every direction. Of course, I’ve never entered into one in the literal sense, but it seems like being human has a lot in common with them, too. We suck in knowledge, information, impressions, love—and we stretch it all across our minds, hearts and bodies until it fills us, swirling all through us, and we call it “experience.”

When we write from experience, we draw from that whole smear of everything we’ve sucked in and processed in our own unique way. We catalog and file these things in our minds so who’s to say there’s no creative order to the smear of stuff in a Black Hole? Rainbows are color coordinated. Saturn’s rings are each made of particular densities of dust of debris. Search as we may, amid all that might seem like chaos can be found patterns. All that appears chaotic moves in some sort of order—if we care to look for it, it’s there.

As writers and artists can attest, much of out best work can’t really be broken into methodology as much as defined by “creative flow.” We can sit down with an outline, a plot, characters, a beginning and an ending in mind, but where does the rest come from? That “big smear” of creativity living inside of our own personal Black Hole. I wonder if it could ever earn a more appropriate name, such as “Creative Pallet” or “Stretch Master” or “Essence Distributor.”

Pick a topic—anything from apples to politics—and outline your intention for your short (or long) story. Give yourself thirty minutes to write and you’ll find your writer’s paint brush dipping into that “Creation Pallet” and coming out with just the right colors for that page. Is it a miracle or magic? Or just the order flowing from what appears to be chaos? Words, ideas, thoughts. Colors, feelings, memories. imagination! Everything melts into pure essence and forms again from it.

We all dip our brushes or quills into that great “Essence Distributor” to bring our stories to life, whether on canvas or typewriter (did I say “typewriter” ??? —there I go dating myself again!)

The next time you hear science talking about a Black Hole being discovered in the vast universe, you might smile and look into the mirror—we’re everywhere, we “Creative Pallets,” sucking in life and creating all kinds of new patterns in the world. “Black Hole”—such an odd name for such a profound creation.

Let’s keep spreading the Essence!

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© Jennifer Sweete, August 2016

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