Writer’s Block? There’s no place like OM!

smiley-balloonFlying Monkey-Mind got you distracted? Feel like the yellow brick road just came to a dead end? Sands in the hourglass sifting your deadline into oblivion? If I believed in Writer’s Block, I would say, “that sucks”—fortunately, I do not believe in such fairy tales that beg to convince us there is such a thing as “stuck.”

“Stuck” is just another state of mind, of which we have so many, and “Shift” is not just a key on the laptop that enables capitalization.

What we need is to FREE our minds! Our minds are like our stomachs—empty until we start shoveling something into them. We shovel food into our stomachs until we feel full. Some of us go an extra mile and some of us don’t know when to stop, our hunger raging on, never feeling quite full enough, because we’re not integrating the experience with the rest of our senses. Our minds can be the same way but their food is IMPRESSIONS.

Our bodies pull nutrients like vitamins and minerals from the goodies swimming around in our digestive tract onward into our bloodstream to use as fuel for our body’s continued functioning. Our minds pull types of KNOWLEDGE from the IMPRESSIONS we take in, then pass them back and forth between the hemispheres of our brains to formulate IDEAS that we can use for CREATIVITY.

It’s exciting to think about! We simply cannot squeeze creative essence out of an empty jar. Paradoxically, we need to empty our minds in order to fill them anew. I don’t need to tell you how your stomach and intestines follow that procedure. The mind, however, functions a lot like a computer in this way. It’s important to get rid of the unnecessary documents and applications—garbage out—and sort and file the remaining useful items in order to make room for new items like updates, upgrades, photos and documents we’ve yet to create.

On a PC we simply push a button that activates an application that directs the computer to defragment itself—dump the trash and organize what’s left. For our minds, we can use mediation. To really get a good cleaning up, we need to take 30 minutes and turn off the inner noise and chatter, but that time isn’t always available, especially when a deadline looms ahead. When we need a quicker-fixer-upper, we can use a simple technique that will re-align us, at least temporarily, so we can get our mojo flowing!

A quickie meditation we can do is one I included in the “Dear Sandy Work Guide” in my Dear Sandy – The letter that wrote itself into a Book. It’s called “Meditating for Vibrational Attunement” and it takes three minutes or less to do.


Meditating for Vibrational Attunement
“Excerpt from Dear Sandy – The letter that wrote itself into a Book”

“Interestingly, Electrical Resistance is measured in OHMs. Like electricians must use Resistance to maintain the flow of a balanced current through the wires in our homes so they don’t burn out or burn down, we use our own type of resistance to stay “in sync” and “in tune.”

“OM… Sitting erect, cover both ears with cupped hands, pressing gently until you can hear the sounds of your blood circulating, heart beating, and lungs inhaling and exhaling. Imagine this is the sound of the Universe. Now open your mouth in the O position, inhale deeply and “OM” on the exhale, making the “OM” (Ah-uommmmmmm) sound to attune your vibration. Repeat this “Breath and OM” three times. Relax into attunement.

“You might try doing this vibrational attunement meditation several times a day as it takes only a few minutes.

(Meditating while operating machinery, small or large, is not recommended or advisable—don’t do it.)”


Try it! Then stand up and stretch, walk around the room, step outside for a breath of fresh air, change the music on the stereo, pour a cup of tea, do a somersault or a hand-stand, belt out “Stuck In A Moment.” Now sit back down with your pen and paper or computer and watch the rush of new ideas pour in!

No matter where you are on the Yellow Brick road, Toto, there’s no place like OM!

What’s next? Look for my future blog post – “What Do Black Holes Have in Common with Writing?”

For a more comprehensive look at how to improve and refine your writing skills and technique, please visit my Classes page and join me for my Writing Basics webinar. I also offer Saturday morning online group writing sessions.

For more meditation exercises, please pick up a copy of my book Dear Sandy – The letter that wrote itself into a Book.

© Jennifer Sweete, April 2016

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One thought on “Writer’s Block? There’s no place like OM!

  1. Kathy

    Oh yes! The monkey mind madness. I know it well. I don’t think we realize how often our minds get bogged down with noise, static and useless files. Then performance is just slow and frustrating. Hate that. I’ve seen a huge improvement with meditation. In my case I’ve made time for 2 sessions a day at 37 minutes. It’s like opening up a all the windows and letting the whole house breathe fresh air.


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