Wherever you are in the world, you now have access to affordable webinars to help you improve your writing skills, learn tips and tricks to self-publishing, get a clear perspective of the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. signing with a publishing company, and a continually growing list of marketing resources and ideas. I am not a publisher. I am an author who has traveled this road and I want to share what I’ve learned along the way, so all of this is available here for you with no membership fees or pressure from any publisher to choose their particular services.


So … Let’s get started!


Sweete Beginnings
Writing Basics & Techniques

Whether you’ve been writing all your life or are just getting started, this webinar series offers a variety of ways to begin your writing project, fill it with the best writing, and wrap it up in a nice, neat bow of completion. Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, novel, or memoir, everyone needs a place to start, good content, and a way to pull it all together at the end. We’ll cover all these things, as well as how to get inspired, make a schedule, blow through writer’s block, and much more! Join us for this fun-filled live webinar! Details here …


Sweete Simplicity
Self-Publishing Made Easy

What do you do when you’ve written your book and are ready to publish? We’ll talk about editing, cover design, illustrations, book sizing, a variety of publishing options with our primary focus on self-publishing. Not only will we talk about many self-publishing companies, but also look at step-by-step tutorials on how to use some of them. Yes, we’ll cover all those things, as well as how to get ISBNs, UPC codes, copyrights, and much more! Join us for this fun-filled live webinar! Details here …


Sweete Success
Marketing Tips & Strategies

Now that you’ve written your book and published it, it’s time to tell the world! Do you have an Author website? What does it say about you? Are you set up for Social Media marketing? Business cards? Newsletters? In this webinar we’ll discuss the many (and I do mean MANY) avenues for marketing your book successfully. Sound like a lot of work? Sound like it will take a long time? That’s why you need this webinar! Get the tips, tricks, and shortcuts on the fast track to marketing success! Join us for this fun-filled live webinar! Details here …


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