What’s on the Menu?


What’s on the Menu?

by Jennifer Sweete


Have you looked up this summer? At the planets turning? At the meteorites hurling? At the stars twinkling? At the furnace burning in the bright, blue sky? Has your view been clear? Or smoky? Cloudy? Hazy? Foggy?

Have you noticed a synchronicity of your mood with the sky? Which came first — the chicken or the egg? The smoke or the downturn in your energy? The fire or the rage? The thunder or the grief? The lightning or the epiphany? The rain or your tears? The clearing sky or your “Aha!” exhale?

Did you know that our brother, fiery Mars-Ares, has been doin’ the Moonwalk since the end of June? Have you seen him glowing red, blazing into view on the horizon each night? Did you see him in the spotlight of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in early July?

Were you witness to the sudden outbursts of angst and anger in your social sphere? In the world? Did you succumb, yourself? Did you engage in the rage? Did you find yourself in the spotlight? Did you own your part in the unfolding drama? Did you add love or fear to the cauldron in July?


What was your offering to Mother Nature? What was your offering to the U-niverse? Were you able to turn a shit sandwich into humble pie?

Where were you as July made a grand exit, while planet Mercury-Hermes joined in the Moonwalk under the strobe light effects of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse? Who were you with that day? What were you doing, thinking, feeling? What, in your world, did you notice was broken? What, inside of you, did you notice was broken?


What was your offering in gratitude for the lessons? For the love? For the past, present, and future?


Did August seem to raise its golden-maned head in a cavernous yawn rather than its usual powerful roar, making you wish you could keep hold of your pillow and drift back to sleep? Did you look up to see the third eclipse? The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo the Lion?

Are you participating in the fear or are you shining your light of love?

As this paradigm shifts and raises our vibration to a higher frequency, how can we adjust the dial and tune into the new channel? Can we patiently await the dissipation of the static energy just as we await the dissipation of the smoke and clouds that blur the sky? Or will we try to push the wind?

Will we remain fixed on the fear running its course through the world and within our minds? Or become fluid and attentive to loving our self and our world well?

Will we be ordering from the menu -OR- will be on the menu? Love or Fear? Which will you choose today?

Looking forward to September!

© Jennifer Sweete, August 2018

Any typos found in this document are caused by sleep deprivation. The author pleads insanity.

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Books I am reading this season:

The Misfit’s Manifesto by Lidia Yuknavitch – Taking a while to get through . . .

A Real Basket Case by Beth Groundwater – I’ll never look at Yoga classes the same way again.

Waterwight Flux by Laurel McHargue (Book II of the Waterwight series) – Every bit as great as Book I

Navajo Whisper by Carol Bellhouse – Just starting. Review to come.

Pre-suasion by Robert Cialdini – Deep psych! Lovin’ it!

Write Like the Masters by William Cane – Every writer should read this book three times. (Still reading and taking copious notes!)

Until we meet again, keep reading, keep writing, keep dreaming!

SweeteSunflowerJennifer Sweete is the author of Dear Sandy: The letter that wrote itself into a Book (2015) and The Poet & The Widow (2016). Indie author and award-winning blogger, Ms. Sweete is also a writer’s consultant, editor, proofreader, and reviewer. And they all fit snugly into the same hat! She offers online classes and writing groups, shared resources, and personal coaching sessions for both writing and self-mastery. She is currently serving her 4th term as President of the Chaffee County Writers Exchange while assisting other authors through the processes of editing, self-publishing and marketing their books. She resides with her husband and furry astral friend in sunny Colorado. For more info, contact her at jen@jennifersweete.com.

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