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Revelations – Reiki and 2016 Elections

If we ask Greadramamaskst Spirit to guide this world, but then balk when things follow by way of the Divine plan rather than how we think they should go, exactly whose plan are we really asking for?

The wounds of humanity Read more

Writing: The Earthquakes Within

Kupes-Sail-tectonic-upliftMother Earth and her inhabitants have suffered 3 intense and life-changing earthquakes during the past week – 2 in Japan and 1 in Ecuador. At a time when so many of us are feeling the pressure building within ourselves between the past … Read more

Dotting our I’s and Crossing our T’s

SweeteSunflowerEvery day can’t be a “feel good” day for most of us because not every situation we come upon plucks our happy chord. Yes, we all have the opportunity to work through our, at times, challenging reactions to certain conditions, and the … Read more