You are the center of your Universe

Within your True Self can be found the answers to life, the universe and everything. Look. Listen. Learn. Your body is your barometer. What is your body telling you? Blue skies ahead? A storm on the horizon? Is your life partly sunny or partly cloudy? How much pressure can you take before thunder rolls and lightning flashes? You are the sunshine of your life …

I offer Personal Coaching for clients who wish to get a solid grip on their reality! If you’re looking for results, contact me today. If you’re looking for laughter, transformation, and truth, contact me today. If you’re looking for self-empowerment, contact me today. If you’re looking for an easier, softer way, not so much 😉 We’re in it to win it and take it to the limit! 😀

Stuck physically? Stuck emotionally? Stuck mentally? Stuck spiritually? Stuck in the middle with you? Contact me and let’s get you back in the saddle of your life! Pick up a copy of my book Dear Sandy – The letter that wrote itself into a Book to beginor if you already know everything, to be reminded.

What will we do? Whenever I begin the work of Self-Mastery with a client, I start at the beginning. The foundation is the support of any structure, and the Temple of You deserves a firm foundation. We start with a good look at diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Work on the self requires the physical body to be as healthy as possible. This “as possible” varies in degrees per individual. We need to function at our best, be our most conscious, think clearly and this all begins with our Avatarthe physical body.

Physical, mental and emotional are all connected, interwoven, and when one thread frays, the whole spacesuit can fall apart. First, have we listened to what the body is trying to tell us? Have we looked at the lifestyle habits we’ve formed? We are what we eat and not what we don’t. Burgers and fries, sugars and sodas, booze and cigarettes are not the stuff that healthy, happy bodies are made of. Likewise, when the body suffers a shortage of much needed vitamins and minerals, our thoughts and emotions are bound to suffer as well. Strengthening the foundation promotes a successful path to Self-Mastery.

As a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Self-Mastery Coach, I take a whole-istic approach to our human-ness. For this reason, I have done and continue to do a lot of investigating into what makes us function to our fullest potential on every level. From physics to anatomy to psychology, we are fascinating creations! When I meet reputable, knowledgeable professionals with information I feel is valuable, I am excited to share! So, I’ve added a Wellness page to my website that you might benefit.

The patterns of our thoughts and emotions begin to reveal themselves when we begin using the physical body to fine-tune our attention. Old wounds heal on every level. I have seen the miraculous! The absolute transformation of lives! Are you ready to rise and shine?

I am a firm believer that regardless of where we are on the wellness ladderphysically, mentally, emotionallythere is room for improvement … unless one has achieved perfection, in which case, congratulations! I would love to hear from you about how you did it! For those of us that are still human—perfectly imperfect with the desire to be healthy, happy, and whole—this Self-Mastery section is for you.

Free testing session—I will meet with you on Skype or AnyMeeting (if you don’t have Skype) to help determine where you are in your life and whether I can help you get to where you’d like to be. I’ll ask a series of questions that will point us in the right direction. (Must have webcam and mic.)  Schedule your free testing session today!