“So glad I have you in my life. All these years I’ve asked for a miracle to obtain something or someone outside myself. When all along the Miracle I was seeking, was really to find myself. My authentic self. I am the miracle I was looking for. Just looking back this past year at myself is enough to make my head spin. It is a miracle the ground we have covered together. Amazing. So grateful for everything. And grateful to you for walking me through this journey when all around me I was feeling darkness and fear for a whole year. I can judge not a single person who isn’t willing to work that hard. Because I know. What a ride!!! I’m glad I got in the van when the Unicorn said “no time to explain, your questions will be answered along the way.” So glad I was always a risk taker. It has killed me and it has also saved me. God bless. The light is bright on the other side. :-)”

“Truthfully, I am so grateful we did this work. From this place that I am is a place of personal power. I can make more healthy choices and move in a more positive direction. I FEEL IT. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me on this. This gift you have given me and I to myself is PRICELESS. And you are truly a master in your own right…”

“I understand that I did this work successfully overcoming difficulties and emotional pain. I have truly seen and felt the many benefits. I know it works and it’s effective…”

“You have helped a lot of people I know. And the help you have given me is priceless. From the very start of our sessions years ago. Every day I am feeling stronger and centered. Everything is ok. More than ok. It is perfect…”

“I want to express my gratitude for all your kindness and insight for me over these years. I want to tell you how often your words have helped me. What I love most about your approach is that you blend both practical and metaphysical in such a way that it feels balanced and comfortable. Because truthfully, we have to live here in this world of form and duality. These things need to be guided from someone who knows much deeper. Someone like you…”