More Than Just a Brick in the Wall – A Mall Wall!


“Oh, what a wall, what a wall,” moaned the wicked witch as she melted into nothingness. So attached was she to controlling her environment that she could not otherwise exist. And what was the message from the good witch? That a colorful world filled with drama and magic and adventure is not the best idea? That a simple black and white existence is much better? “There’s no place like home” as long as you stay within your borders? Hmmm……..

Let’s see what we can do to stretch our thinking outside of the box, shall we?

To Wall or Not to Wall? That seems to be the question. I hear no middle ground. I hear no productive discussions, only disagreements. I hear no brilliant suggestions. Where are the IDEA people? Are we so busy “tech-ing” that we’ve lost touch with the human component? Me thinks so.

How about a Mall Wall? How about we build a — how many miles is it from point A to point B? — really long Mall along the so-called “border” and use it to provide shelter, food, medical care, language classes, and transportation to people wishing to enter OR exit the Estados Unidos via the Mexican border? Yes, it goes both ways.

I am humbled by the potential.

Think of the employment opportunities! There are the construction employment opportunities to build the Mall Wall. Hotels, motels, gas stations, bus stations, and the fast food restaurant race would be on to get into this “neutral zone” where tourists and refugees could meet as genuine human beings and drop their fears in a bucket at the door.

Does this sound too reprehensible to you? Too economically fictional? Ask yourself why. If it is because you are afraid, then you are part of the problem because fear IS the problem. Moving on . . .

Physicians from everywhere in the world could volunteer a week or month or year of their time and expertise. Internship in such an upscale, first of its kind neutral zone would be an amazing opportunity.

Government officials from both sides of the border would have a neutral zone in which to meet to partner in the oversight of such a productive and profitable business. Yes, this is business. Money and goods and services are changing hands. Employees are being paid. Volunteers are assisting. Teachers, doctors, nurses, chefs, housekeeping, security. Donations are pouring in — clothing, food, bedding, etc. Along with “Clearing Offices” where proper citizenship or temporary Visas are issued.

The security systems and teams would create even more employment opportunities. The filtering of the drug runners and people smugglers would be a full time job. A good old fashioned adobe jail might not be big enough to contain the misbehavin’ from either side at first, but by the time the Mall Wall is fully functional, Coyotajes would become obsolete — refugees could just walk up to the Mall Wall and ring the doorbell to be welcomed in with open arms. Beats the hell out of being carbon-monoxide poisoned in the back of a van or truck while snaking through the hot freakin’ desert on a midnight run for freedom that isn’t free anyway.

C’mon movers and shakers! I’m no brain surgeon, but even I can see this is a gold mine idea for the profiteers as well as for the touristas and refugees. United we Mall, Divided we Wall. Can flipping one letter on its head make all the difference? Absolutely.

Economically sound? For a government that spends and “misplaces” sizeable amounts of money far beyond what it would cost to get this Mall Wall rolling, in partnership with a government that has plenty to contribute itself, along with an equal amount of land use and labor on both sides? Absolutely.

Humans sprawl. The sprawl of consumers will create the demand, and smart businesses will respond with supply. Businesses renting space and employing sprawling humans renting more space — Cha-ching.

The only question that remains is WHO will be the historic human to lay the cornerstone?

Elon wants to take us to Mars. We could go so much further right here on Earth.

. . . Who said “Moat” . . . ? That’s just not nice.

Later alligator.

Oh, and to the thousandth person to ask me: “What about the wall?” — Thanks for askin’ . . . feel free to forward my answer.

© Jennifer Sweete, June 2018 – Happy Summer Solstice!

Any typos found in this document are caused by sleep deprivation. The author pleads insanity.

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