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Sweete Editing Services
Editing Online or by Email for Writers

A new way to get your book proofread and/or edited! Many people want to hire an editor or someone to proofread their book or website content but aren’t comfortable not being part of the process. Imagine having an editor read your book out loud to you so that you can hear how it sounds, while showing you the places it could be improved and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure with you as we read! Send your manuscript or other written material in MS Word format to me at jen@jennifersweete.com and I’ll read through it with you on Skype or AnyMeeting! We’ll make changes together as we go!

If you would rather not participate in the process for any reason, I’m happy to proofread or edit your material and send you the final product.

Either way, I am always happy to help you by providing a stellar editing service. Email me to let me know what your editing needs are and I’ll let you know if I can be of service!

Contact Jennifer Sweete for more information

Cost $15/hour (2 hour minimum) – pymt via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal)
MUST have webcam and headset-mic for Skype or AnyMeeting online editing

If not satisfied with the first 2 hours of service, please let me know right away. Refund is given for first 2 hours only.