How to build an Author website without having a nervous breakdown

SweeteSunflowerI needed an Author website where my books and I could market and mingle with the world. Build it myself or hire a specialist? My greatest lesson in life may very well be that I cannot be and do all things, so I needed to CHOOSE—and I chose wisely, grasshoppah …

Since the advent of web building and graphic arts technology, I’ve been designing personal and professional websites for marketing small businesses and individuals. One would think that I’d be fairly self-sufficient as well as quite proficient at creating my own. However, like the housekeeper who cleans and sparkles other people’s houses for a living, then comes home with no enthusiasm to spend her/his own nights and weekends knee-deep in scrubbing bubbles for her/his own abode, I find little inspiration for perspiration on my own account.

Sure, there are some great point-and-shoot web building programs out there that even a third grader (maybe even a first grader these days) could use to design a fine website, but this still requires time and effort and the one thing I don’t seem to possess—an objective perspective for my own marketing website.

Did I say “one” thing? I meant several things …

There’s the issue of “platform compatibility.” It used to be that building a website for a variety of platforms meant making the site readable on a Windows or Mac operating system, via a desktop (or laptop computer when they came along), through one of maybe three different web browsers like Internet Explorer, AOL, or Netscape. (Yes, I go back that far—it’s almost like admitting to having once lived among the dinosaurs.) Now, holy guacamole, I’ve lost count of all the different platforms that our websites need to be compatible with today and, to be frank, I no longer desire to expend the energy to care.

Then, along came smart phones (I still cling to my good old Star Trek beam-me-up flip phone), tablets, iPads and, heaven help me, social media sites. For the young, adventurous tech warrior, all of these gadgets and internet playgrounds are exciting and apparently a “piece of cake” to set up and manage.

Ah, yes, Social Media—where to begin when new social gathering places are constantly cropping up all over the web. Just when I think I’ve figured out how to log in to one, there are a dozen more on the list all vying for the top spot of “web-wonder of the year.” It’s overwhelming, and a little frustrating, I might add, at a time when, as an author, I need to be able to market and connect with others just like you and me around the world.

Not antique by any means, but “older” as I am, I find the tech evolution to be accelerating at a pace that my magnificent mind is challenged to keep up with. I’ve also discovered along the way that I’d rather focus my attention on my true passion—writing and publishing books.

So I took my shingle down (don’t be alarmed if this nomenclature pre-dates you as that just means you have yet to wrinkle into comfortable orthopedic shoes), and filed “web-builder” away in my “been there, done that” drawer.

I am, however, a big fan of meditating and following what I’ve fondly come to know as the “trail of popcorn” that some wiser force than I seems to generously pepper upon my path. Some like to refer to this as “synchronicity” while others see it as “coincidence” (the former being my personal preference as the latter infers I am an accidental tourist in a universe of chaos which, in the by, I have too much life experience to less than chuckle at). It’s this fascinating trail of synchronistic corn that popped an amazing, energetic, creative, intuitive, instructive, brilliant, young web-tech-warrioress into my life through a series of events I would call nothing short of “perfect timing!”

Just when I needed someone special to put the entire package together for my online Author presence, I clicked on a link that led to the business website of one Ms. Rachel Silberman … and here we are today—three months and a very affordable rate later—in awe and admiration of the perfect, painless package of online marketing and mingling presence for me. Look around my website on your computer, phone, tablet, iPad; on any browser you use! Sign up for my newsletter Living The Sweete Life. Check out the social media sites Rachel also set up and tailored for me! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pin-Pin-Pinterest, and LinkedIn – AND she taught me how to use all of them! Bliss!

As I put into practice the art of letting go of needing to control everything, help arrived and everything turned out spot-on!

If you are an author and your passion is to spend your time writing books—rather than building websites, social media sites, newsletters, business cards, and all those wonderful things that market and connect you and your fabulous novels, textbooks, or memoirs, etc, with the world at large—no need to have a nervous breakdown when help is just a click away! Just get in touch with Rachel today!

Check out all that Rachel has done for me and many other authors around the world who can now READ, WRITE, and RELAX—and follow the trail of popcorn!

What’s next? Look for my future blog post – “10 Ways Writers Groups Inspire Great Writing”

For a more comprehensive look at a variety of marketing tips for authors, please visit my Classes page and join me for my Marketing webinar. I also offer Saturday morning online group writing sessions.

© Jennifer Sweete, March 2016

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