Look, Up There, in the Sky!

Look, Up There, in the Sky:
A Grand Look at the January 2017 Full Moon and Cardinal Grand Cross as interpreted by my good friend and fellow author, Miss Dee – Guest Post!

It’s a bird, it’s a drone—No! It’s a Grand Cardinal Cross!

A what?

A Grand Cardinal Cross or, astrologically speaking, it is four planets of heaviness in four different astrological signs, each at a 45-degree angle of each other. In this case, Sun in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Full Moon in Cancer, and Jupiter in Libra.

It is an external event in the sky that creates tension and strife as one planet pulls and pushes the second planet that rebels and pushes the energy of the first planet and then the third planet reacts by tugging and shoving the other two. The fourth planet kicks and creates more tension and there you have it. Tense, dark, confusing, uncomfortable energy: a Grand Cardinal Cross.

Most of us feel this energy internally, in our personal life. We feel as if we are in a washing machine: the agitation cycle is on and we are getting pounded and agitated, flipped around, and pounded and agitated again. And why wouldn’t we?

We have just gone through the holidays, a time many of us love. Sadly or not, the Christmas or other holiday lights and decorations have been taken down, packed away, and stored for the year. The loving, thoughtfulness of the holidays has diminished as the routine of life slowly returns. But the agitation cycle we are in balks at routine, tells us to keep the holiday spirit alive, back off the routine and do something new, dive into the project we put on hold or move forward. The agitation cycle spins us around and around and we are confronted with something we need to finish before we can gallop forward, or reminds us of our heart’s deepest desire and leaves us wondering if we will ever succeed at fulfilling the desire.

To emphasize the agitation cycle we feel is the Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. The Full Moon spills light on our emotional self as well as on something we want to keep hidden. Cancer, a very tender, loving sign does not like change. Put not liking change in the agitation cycle and what do you get? A very soggy, unhappy, stiff-backed person or energy of wanting to stay in the same place, same frame of mind, same job, same relationship or same whatever, no matter the pain!

This tugging, shoving, pushing, pulling, tense energy will be with us for a time but take heed as change always brings bennies with it: clarity, peace of spirit, and joy. This year is the year to find balance in your life, harmony in your relationships, peacefulness with moving forward. It is the year opportunities will present themselves to help you move forward in your career and fulfill the desires of your heart. This year is the year of happiness and light-heartedness. So, how do you get there, to all of these bennies?

Refocus. Stop what you are doing; take in a deep breath, exhale, and then refocus. The tension, pushing, pulling, and shoving energies of the Grand Cardinal Cross caught your attention, so now release the tension. Refocus. Refocus your thoughts and heart on what you want to do or need to do. Change jobs, buy a house, retire, get married, go your separate ways, get that degree, buy a new car or find your special life purpose—the subject of my first book, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose, and the subject of my booklet, Thoughts on Life Purposes. Whatever you think or feel you want or need, refocus but with clarity. Remember: whatever you put your concentrated attention on will come into being.

Refocus with clarity of vision because that’s easier on you than being in the agitation cycle!

Guest post contributed by and © Miss Dee, January 2017

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Books I have enjoyed reading this season:

Plato and Aristotle. A fascinating study of two philosophers at odds.

Diane Duane writes YA books and my grandson has started me reading her So You Want to Be a Wizard (first in a series). Will let you know how I enjoy the ride!

Until we meet again, keep reading, keep writing, keep dreaming!

Jennifer Sweete is the author of Dear Sandy: The letter that wrote itself into a Book (2015) and The Poet & The Widow (2016). She is a Certified Massage Therapist and Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master and teacher, a small business and writer’s consultant, self-mastery coach, musician, poet, and author. And they all fit snugly into the same hat! She’s currently serving her 2nd term as President of the Chaffee County Writers Exchange while assisting other authors through the processes of editing, self-publishing and marketing their books. She resides with her husband, grandson, and furry friend in sunny Colorado. For more info, contact her at jen@jennifersweete.com.









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