Personal Coaching for Owning Your Life

I LOVE MY JOB! I AM MY JOB! I’ve been doing Self-Discovery Coaching since 1983 and Self-Mastery Coaching since 1993. My first clients were ME, MYSELF, and I. They are still my clients today, along with thousands of others who have come to know the joy of working together toward the ultimate AIM of Self-Mastery! And YOU can join us!

If you’ve read my book, Dear Sandy – The letter that wrote itself into a Book, then you have already begun! If not, you simply must, dahling! It’s full of helpful little tips, even for people who think they are fine, just fine.

Yes, I am smiling. You should be too—you found your way here today! What other marvelous and mysterious gifts does the U-niverse have in store for yoU now? Many, I do believe! The questions then become: Are you ready, willing, and able to work that hard? And do you know how to make work FUN? I DO!!!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you would be a good candidate for this Self-Mastery work:

Do you have absolute control over your thoughts, or are you sometimes plagued with what we affectionately refer to as Monkey-Mind? (If you’d like to learn how to season and prepare Monkey-Mind for supper, you are in the right place.)

Do you have absolute control of your emotions, or do you sometimes experience being “Swept Away” by them? (There’s sharks in them thar waters! If you’d like to learn how to swim safely back to shore, you are in the right place.)

When do you notice you’ve said something idiotic to someone: Long after you’ve parted? Shortly after your mouth stops moving? In the middle of speaking but you can’t stop yourself? In the middle of speaking but you can stop yourself? Or before you started to say it? (Bravo if your lips stop moving before they start. If not, perhaps you’d like to learn how to make them behave? Good thing you’re here!)

How often do you judge yourself to be doing poorly, doing great, or doing just okay? (Would you like to order the judge to cease and desist so you can assess what’s really going on? If so, you are so real-ly in the right place!)

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Or is it hunting you down and eating your lunch? Have you been attracting the kind of mate that’s a few cards short of a full deck? Are you ready for the REAL DEAL? If you’re willing to go the whole hog including the postage then you could be in for a Royal Flush!

Chips Ahoy! Let’s get started today! I’m thorough and affordable. Contact me at for more info—you’ve got nothing to lose but the losing, and everything to gain!

In the beginning there was you and then your ego grabbed the wheel. It’s time to take it back!


“Truthfully, I am so grateful we did this work. From this place that I am is a place of personal power. I can make more healthy choices and move in a more positive direction. I FEEL IT. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me on this. This gift you have given me and I to myself is PRICELESS. And you are truly a master in your own right…”

“I understand that I did this work successfully overcoming difficulties and emotional pain. I have truly seen and felt the many benefits. I know it works and it’s effective…”

“You have helped a lot of people I know. And the help you have given me is priceless. From the very start of our sessions years ago. Every day I am feeling stronger and centered. Everything is ok. More than ok. It is perfect…”

“I want to express my gratitude for all your kindness and insight for me over these years. I want to tell you how often your words have helped me. What I love most about your approach is that you blend both practical and metaphysical in such a way that it feels balanced and comfortable. Because truthfully, we have to live here in this world of form and duality. These things need to be guided from someone who knows much deeper. Someone like you…”