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Look, Up There, in the Sky!

Look, Up There, in the Sky:
A Grand Look at the January 2017 Full Moon and Cardinal Grand Cross as interpreted by my good friend and fellow author, Miss Dee – Guest Post!

It’s a bird, it’s a drone—No! It’s a Grand … Read more

Book Review – UNDERTOW


Diane Madden Ferguson’s UNDERTOW: A U.S. Navy Veteran’s Journey through Military Sexual Trauma, is more than just a Memoir. This book is a significant breakthrough in an era where silence was once the golden rule … Read more

Revelations – Reiki and 2016 Elections

If we ask Greadramamaskst Spirit to guide this world, but then balk when things follow by way of the Divine plan rather than how we think they should go, exactly whose plan are we really asking for?

The wounds of humanity Read more

Memoir Writing – Crawling Out Of Yesteryear

SweeteSunflowerWriting a Memoir is tricky business. The mind becomes a time machine. Jump in and buckle up. Go for the ride. A roller coaster of highs and lows. Laughing one minute, breathless the next. Do you want to remember? Do you need … Read more