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Interlude – Rambling in Retrograde Mercury

MercuryorbitsolarsystemGet comfortable being uncomfortable—the motto of those who are familiar with the ups and downs of life on planet Earth. Two poles, one axis. How to wrap ourselves around this duality-driven nature of things is a question. The equator seems to know … Read more

Writer’s Block? There’s no place like OM!

smiley-balloonFlying Monkey-Mind got you distracted? Feel like the yellow brick road just came to a dead end? Sands in the hourglass sifting your deadline into oblivion? If I believed in Writer’s Block, I would say, “that sucks”—fortunately, I do not believe in … Read more

10 Ways Writers Groups Inspire Us – Pt 2

SweeteSunflower(Continued from Part 1)

Writers Groups inspire our senses and open our minds to new ideas – let’s continue to count the ways …


Creative Writing Prompts are the sliced bread of the writer’s world. They give us an opportunity to … Read more